Friday, September 30, 2011

Musings on Contract law

I decided to press ahead on my reading during the daytime and make flashcards in the evenings, so I'm on to the next topic, contract law.  I prefer contracts - it is more relevant to my background in business - but I realize that here, again, I've forgotten so much material.  Mailbox rule, battle of the forms, parol evidence rule...on top of that, differences between common law and Art. 2 of the UCC, first and second restatements.  Good times.

I'm not yet in desperation mode, but I have a feeling that as I move into property, torts, etc., the full extent of what I have ahead of me will hit me.  Of course, once bar review begins, I think the day to day nature of it will smooth my jitters.

On an aside, I went to another Barnes and Noble today, and this is one is a lot bigger than my usual hangout.  It has two stories, and best of all, it has those larger tables I had been reminiscing on a previous post.  It is far from home, however, so it will not be my primary study location, but it is nice to have an alternative.

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