Monday, September 19, 2011

Constitutional law or motivational law?

I'm about halfway into my constitutional law outline for the multi-state exam.  I can honestly say that I've forgotten more about law in general that I remember.  The words sound familiar, the concepts are not that hard, but just the sheer quantity of information is daunting.  Did I ever really know all this material?  Amazing.

The Supreme Court
Reading through the outline is fairly mundane work.  The way the outline is set up is nicely repetitive, with constant reinforcement of key concepts, lots of references to previously mentioned topics, etc.  In a sense, the material builds upon itself, so there is a sense of progression, of advancement.  However, the material is by no means compelling or gripping reading material.  The words drone on and on, and attention starts to wander.  Of course, the tricky part will be remembering all the material.  Hopefully I will have finished this outline by the end of the week - I need a motivational push to get over the first subject.  The idea is that once I finish with con law, the other subjects will move faster - at least that is the fiction I've build for myself.

Once the entire outline is finished, I plan on going back and make flashcards, and those will help me learn the material, if by no other means than brute forcing it into the crevasses of my mind.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Need to finish constitutional law first.  Need to motivate myself.  Beginning on week 2 of the self-guided portion of my bar review, I realize more than anything, that I need to focus on pushing myself forward, because the desire to do nothing is a lot greater than the drive to read through the outlines.  My mind doesn't yet grasp that February is right around the corner - "We're not even on Halloween, yet" it whispers to me when I'm reading through fundamental rights and suspect classifications.

Bar review is a constant battle of motivation.  I think I was more focused and learned more quickly last time around.  But I think I'm more mature and motivated now.

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