Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Continuing adventures in constitutional law

I finally finished reading the Constitutional Law outline.  In my original plan, I was going to move on to the next topic, but I think I'm going to make flashcards on this subject while it is not totally hazy in my mind.  Frankly, it is already a jumbled mess of standards, rules, and cases in there, anyway.

Fancy logo for a handy app
I'm going to try using this program called Anki, which has Windows, OS X, iOS and Android versions, and flashcards you make in one platform can be used in another.  It is all freeware, which is big plus in my book.  I tried making some cards with it, but I haven't tried doing an entire subject.  If it all progresses well, I will write a review on it later on.  I will be using the windows version to make the flashcards, and go over them on android devices, of which I have a few.

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