Friday, September 16, 2011

Filling out the application

Every journey must have a beginning, the first steps on the road.  I suppose those steps were in the packing of our belongings, selling our previous home, booking the flight to a new state.  However, the journey became real after I’ve begun my application to the bar…and things really have changed in this last decade and a half.

2 more years and I would have paid $3,000...
For starters, everything is done online.  Question after question delving into the minutia of my life.  Bad credit…traffic violations…taxes paid…past residences since I was 16!  I honestly don’t remember the California bar application to have been this…comprehensive?  Intrusive?  And expensive, too: $2,400 for the application fee, since I fall in the convenient “admitted more than 10 years, but less than 15 years” bracket.  If I had waited a couple of years more, the application fee gets bumped up to the $3,000 level.  Yowza.

I think I have filled out everything satisfactorily, and now I have to get everything notarized, take a couple of passport pictures, and get fingerprinted…surprised the TSA is not somehow involved.

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