Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family or how no one wants to go to the bar alone

Studying for the bar exam with family is different.  The first time I took the bar, we were married and our first child was born a couple of weeks after graduation, smack in the middle of bar review.  As you can imagine, things were hectic, nights were short, days were long, and dirty diapers were everywhere.

Wish my car was this nice.  Do they
give frequent miles to Dad drivers?
Through all that, my wife has always been a steady presence.  She is blessed with near infinite patience, a kind heart, and a true love for her children.

This time around, we have more than one kid, they are older, can basically take care of themselves.  As a matter of fact, they are busier than I am.  Their homework load seems a lot larger than what I had to do back in the day.  They pretty much stick to their own schedules, do their own thing, but we try to leave weekends as family time.  There is more house work to be done for us adults, but the children help more and more.

Of course, now that the children are older, they have school activities, after school sports, field trips, the whole nine yards.  Therefore, before the official bar review begins, I'm trying to set aside time before 3 pm for studying, and after that, I'm the chauffeur.  Thankfully, we live not too far from school, so we can afford the time to drive a batch of kids home first, and pick up the stragglers later.  Nonetheless, it is still a 15 minute drive, so a lot of times I'm over an hour on the road going back and forth.

Studying for the bar exam with family is like having your own cheering squad, psychologist, and whirling dervish - they nurture you, support you, but can also put your life for a spin at any time.

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