Monday, October 3, 2011

Profiteering and the bar exam

I could use a few of these by the
time I'm done with the bar exam
We all know there is a large industry surrounding the bar exam.  Starting with law school tuition, which is a few tens of thousands of dollar, to the bar review courses, which run in the thousands of dollars, to even applying for the bar exam itself, which in my case cost me about two thousand five hundred, you have to pay to play.  Now that I knew the time and place for the exam, I decided to book a hotel in the vicinity so I wouldn't have to worry about making the hour drive from Orlando to Tampa twice and on time.

Well, it looks like hotels are in the game as well.  Every hotel within walking distance of the Convention Center has conveniently increased their prices on the days around the bar exam.  My bill, after taxes, is about seven hundred and fifty dollars for a two night stay.  That is like paying Club Med rates, without the food and fancy amenities.  Oh well, we're all after the all-mighty-dollar, I suppose.

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