Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 years of Windows XP

Hard to believe that Windows XP was released ten years ago.  It was the mainstream 32-bit OS from Microsoft (Windows NT, their enterprise OS, was also 32-bit and was released earlier, but Windows 98, the version most people used, was still 16-bit), and rock solid.  So much so that it became the standard operating system for businesses and households everywhere.

It introduced a variety of changes to the OS, from ClearType, the display smoothing mechanism that makes fonts look better on LCD monitors, to the revamped Start button and the taskbar, XP brought game-changing features into Windows, and has an installed base of over 400 million, and probably many millions more of unofficial installations.

As a matter of fact, Windows XP has been so popular that it hindered adoption of Windows Vista.  Only with Windows 7 did Microsoft surpass XP in numbers of computers installed.  Here's a toast to Windows XP, and hoping that the upcoming Windows 8 has as big an impact as its elder sibling.

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