Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ongoing application

Just when I thought everything was set for my application, now that my fingerprints were done, I got a letter from the Board of Bar Examiners informing me that a couple of items had incorrect information in them.  Apparently the California Bar has me listed as a female - I'm pretty sure I've always been a guy - and one of my school transcripts is missing some information.  Great, now I have to make some phone calls on Monday and hopefully have everything ironed out promptly.

Looks like the bar exam will take place at the end of February, in Tampa, which is about an hour's drive from Orlando.  I will have to book a room to ensure I won't have to drive back and forth.  I guess things are turning more real by the day.  Last time I took the bar, there was major construction going on next to the exam location, which was a big distraction.  This time I'll be using a laptop, so I'll probably be in a room full of people typing away on keyboards: I think investing in some earplugs will be a good idea.

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