Monday, October 17, 2011

Nerf Vortex series in one word: awesome!

The rapid-fire Vigilon:
my weapon of choice
I was at Target today to pick up a gift, and as I wandered the toy isle with my son, we saw the new Nerf disc guns, their vortex line.  After a second's reflection - after all, we must be responsible parents - I got two pistols, one for me and one for my son.  I chose the Vigilon, a quick-reload pistol that holds 5+1 discs.  My son opted for the smaller Proton, a single shooter that reputedly shoots farther.

As soon as we got home we proceeded to lose 2 discs after a brief shoot-out.  I have to say, these guns are awesome.  The Vigilon, specially, with the quick reload function, can dish out massive damage in short order.  I wasn't as impressed with the Proton.  You have to hold the spare discs on your hand, and after every shot, you need to pull our the loading tray, load a disc, and press a side lever to load.  A bit clumsy, specially when you have to dodge discs being fired by a maniacal father.

I think I will just have to get another Vigilon for my son.  It seems rather unfair to him to have to suffer at my hands and be under-gunned as well.  Of course, it might be the excuse I need to purchase the larger Praxis pump-action shotgun, which holds 10 discs.  Nerf also makes an even larger Nitron rifle, which holds 20 discs, but needs batteries.  A battery powered Nerf guns sounds almost heretical and unfair.

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